1 Most Valuable Standing Liberty Quarters Worth Over $100 Million USD

While it's highly improbable for a single Standing Liberty quarter to be valued at over $100 million USD, there are several exceptionally valuable coins within this series that collectively hold immense worth.

1916 Standing Liberty Quarter This coin, minted in a limited quantity of just over 52,000, is one of the rarest and most sought-after. Well-preserved examples can easily surpass $100,000 at auction

1. 1918/7-S Overdate Quarter:  This error coin, where the 1918 date was struck over a 1917 die, is particularly rare and valuable, often reaching into the six-figure range for high-grade specimens.

1927-S Full Head Quarter:  Coins with full head details are highly prized, as this feature often wore away quickly. High-quality examples of the 1927-S can command prices well above $100,000

1919-D Full Head Quarter Another rare and valuable coin, especially in top condition, with full head details intact.

920-S Full Head Quarter:  Known for its scarcity and value in high-grade condition, this coin is a gem for collectors, often exceeding $100,000​

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