2 Most Valuable Standing Liberty Quarters Worth Over $100 Million USD

The most valuable Standing Liberty quarters, while not individually worth $100 million, still command significant prices due to their rarity and historical significance.

1916 Standing Liberty Quarter:  This coin is highly sought after due to its limited mintage and distinctive design.

In mint state, these quarters can fetch prices upwards of $11,500. The 1916 quarter, being the first year of issue, is particularly rare and valuable in higher grades

1918/7-S Standing Liberty Quarter:  This overdate error coin is exceptionally rare and valuable. One of these coins sold for $1.35 million in a high-grade condition.

Other valuable Standing Liberty quarters include the 1927-S and 1919-D, both highly valued for their full head details and limited availability in high-grade conditions.

While the values of these coins do not reach hundreds of millions, they are nonetheless some of the most coveted items among coin collectors

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