7 Signs You Are In A Selfish Relationship

Lack of Reciprocity: You constantly find yourself giving more than you receive in the relationship. Your partner may take but rarely gives back in terms of emotional support, time, or effort.

One-Sided Decision Making: Your partner consistently makes decisions without considering your thoughts, feelings, or needs.

Emotional Unavailability: Your partner is emotionally unavailable or dismissive of your feelings and concerns. They may downplay your emotions, gaslight you, or show little empathy when you're going through a difficult time.

Manipulative Behavior: Your partner uses manipulation tactics to get what they want or control the relationship dynamics.

Lack of Support: Your partner fails to support you during challenging times or important milestones. They may prioritize their own needs and interests over yours, leaving you feeling unsupported and alone in the relationship.

Boundary Violations: Your partner frequently crosses your boundaries without respect for your personal space, time, or autonomy.

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