Coin Collector's  Paradise: 5 Bicentennial Quarters Valued at $71K Each

Double Die Obverse:  This error features noticeable doubling of the date and motto, making these quarters rare and highly valuable​

Off-Center Strikes Quarters struck significantly off-center yet retaining all critical design elements are unique and fetch premium prices due to their rarity

Overstruck on Foreign Coins:  Some Bicentennial Quarters were mistakenly overstruck on foreign coins, blending two different currencies and creating rare, highly prized collectibles

Full Drum Lines:  Quarters with full, sharply struck drum lines on the reverse side are particularly desirable. These coins showcase exceptional detail in their design

Clipped Planchet Errors Errors in the blanking process before striking can result in quarters with missing sections of metal. These clipped planchet errors are prized for their rarity and uniqueness​

Triple Struck Error:  Some quarters were struck three times due to minting process malfunctions, resulting in distorted appearances and making them extremely rare and valuable​

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