Coin Collector's Paradise:8 Bicentennial Quarters Valued at $45K Each

Missing Clad Layer:  Some Bicentennial Quarters were minted without the outer clad layer, giving them a distinct partially silver appearance.

1976-S Silver Proof Quarter Minted in San Francisco and containing 40% silver, these quarters are especially prized for their composition and historical significance.

Broadstrike Error:  This error occurs when a coin is struck without a collar, resulting in a larger and less defined coin.

Doubling on the Reverse:  A double die error on the reverse side of the coin creates a unique and noticeable effect.

Inverted Mintmark An inverted mintmark error, particularly on coins from the San Francisco mint, adds a significant premium to their value.

Unique Variations and Die Varieties: Various other unique minting errors and die varieties also contribute to the high value of some Bicentennial Quarters.

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