How much does a bicentennial coin worth in today's money market?

The value of a Bicentennial Quarter or any other Bicentennial coin can vary widely depending on factors such as its condition, rarity, and demand from collectors.

In general, Bicentennial coins are not considered rare and are still commonly found in circulation, so their value in the numismatic market tends to be relatively modest unless they possess specific attributes that make them more desirable to collectors.

A circulated Bicentennial Quarter typically has a value close to its face value of 25 cents.

However, uncirculated specimens or coins in mint condition may command a slightly higher premium, particularly if they are part of a complete set or have special characteristics such as mint errors or variations.

For a more accurate assessment of the value of a Bicentennial Quarter or any other Bicentennial coin in today's market, it's recommended to consult with a reputable coin dealer or numismatic expert who can evaluate the coin's condition and other relevant factors to provide an estimate of its worth. 

Additionally, online resources such as coin pricing guides and auction websites can also provide insights into current market prices for Bicentennial coins.

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