Market Analysis: 1976- S Silver clad quarter, MS-69, sells for $19,200

MS-69 Grade:  A Mint State (MS) grade of 69 signifies a nearly perfect coin with only minor imperfections visible under magnification. Such high-grade coins are rare and highly sought after by collectors.

 Rarity:  While the 1976-S Silver clad quarter is not inherently rare, finding one in such pristine condition (MS-69) is unusual, contributing to its premium value.

Factors Driving the Price: Condition:  The exceptional condition of MS-69 significantly elevates its value. Collectors often pursue coins in the best possible condition for their collections.

 Demand:  There may be specific demand for this coin due to its Bicentennial theme, silver content, and status as a proof coin from the San Francisco Mint.

 Silver Content:  Even though it's clad, the fact that it contains some silver (albeit a small percentage) adds to its appeal, especially in today's market where precious metals have garnered attention as hedges against inflation.

Historical Significance:  The Bicentennial year holds historical significance, and collectors often seek coins from this period to commemorate the event.

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