Most Valuable Roosevelt Dimes Worth Money

1968-S No-S Roosevelt Dime:  In 1968, the San Francisco Mint accidentally omitted the mint mark ("S") on some proof coins, including Roosevelt Dimes.

1996-W Roosevelt Dime (West Point Mint Mark):  In 1996, the West Point Mint struck Roosevelt Dimes with a "W" mint mark for the first time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series.

1982 No-P Roosevelt Dime:  In 1982, the Philadelphia Mint inadvertently failed to include the "P" mint mark on some Roosevelt Dimes.

Full Bands (FB) Designation:  Roosevelt Dimes with full bands (FB) on the reverse (back) of the coin are highly sought after by collectors.

Proof Roosevelt Dimes:  Proof Roosevelt Dimes, particularly those from earlier years or special sets, can be valuable, especially in high grades. 

Key Dates and Varieties:  While there are no key dates in the Roosevelt Dime series comparable to other coin series like the Lincoln Cent or Washington Quarter, certain dates or varieties may still be worth noting. 

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