Rare Bicentennial Quarter Has Nearly $20K Value — Plus 7 More Worth Big Money

While some Bicentennial quarters can indeed hold value, such as certain uncirculated or proof specimens, it's important to approach claims of extremely high values with caution.

The $20,000 figure you mentioned likely refers to a highly rare and exceptional specimen, such as an error coin or a unique variety, rather than a typical Bicentennial quarter.

Minting errors: Coins with errors such as double strikes, off-center strikes, or missing mint marks can be highly sought after by collectors and may command significant premiums.

Proof sets: Proof sets containing Bicentennial quarters, especially those in pristine condition with original packaging, can have higher values due to their limited mintage and collector appeal.

Special finishes: Some Bicentennial quarters were minted with special finishes, such as silver-clad or proof finishes, which can increase their value compared to regular circulation strikes.

High-grade examples: Bicentennial quarters in uncirculated or near-perfect condition, graded by reputable third-party grading services, may have higher values due to their scarcity in such condition.

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