The 1974 Aluminum Penny Test: Everything You Need To Know

Composition:  In 1974, a few aluminum pennies were struck as a test by the U.S. Mint. These pennies were made of aluminum rather than the usual copper-coated zinc composition.

Purpose:  The U.S. Mint experimented with different compositions for coins to find alternatives to copper, which was becoming increasingly expensive.

Rarity:  The 1974 Aluminum Penny is extremely rare. Only a few were struck, and most of them were subsequently recalled and destroyed.

Legality:  Owning one of these aluminum pennies is legal. However, it's illegal to melt down U.S. coins for their metal value, so altering or destroying them is against the law.

Value:  The value of a 1974 Aluminum Penny varies depending on its condition and provenance. Some have sold for thousands of dollars at auction due to their rarity and historical significance.

Testing:  If you believe you have a 1974 Aluminum Penny, you can conduct some basic tests to verify its authenticity.

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