Rare Bicentennial Quarter Has Nearly $75 Million Value — Plus 4 More Worth Big Money

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Coin collecting offers a captivating blend of history, artistry, and economics, with certain quarters standing out for their exceptional value.

This article explores the world of these prized quarters, including the renowned Bicentennial quarter and four others that hold significant worth.


The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter

The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter commemorates America’s 200 years of independence, featuring a distinctive design with a drummer boy and a torch encircled by thirteen stars.

While common versions hold nominal value, rare variants such as those with double dies or crafted from silver can fetch up to $75 million due to their scarcity and historical significance.


The 1932-D Washington Quarter

Marking the inception of the Washington quarter series, the 1932-D edition boasts a meager mintage of 436,800, rendering it exceedingly rare and highly coveted.

Mint-condition specimens can command tens of thousands of dollars, with minimal wear further escalating


their value, attributed in part to the scarcity of coins minted during the Great Depression.

The 1932-S Washington Quarter

Similar to its Denver counterpart, the 1932-S Washington Quarter is esteemed for its low mintage, with only 408,000 produced.


Collectors often pursue both the D and S mint editions to complete their 1932 series, intensifying demand and elevating prices comparable to the 1932-D.

The 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter

An epitome of numismatic artistry, the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter showcases Lady Liberty in a captivating gown, with a scant mintage exceeding 52,000.


Renowned for its rarity and exquisite design, specimens in pristine condition can exceed $100,000 in value, appealing to discerning collectors.

The 1796 Draped Bust Quarter

Stepping back into the 18th century, the 1796 Draped Bust Quarter holds profound significance as one of the earliest U.S. minted quarters, with just 6,146 produced.


Its historical import and extreme scarcity make it highly coveted, with specimens in good condition

commanding hundreds of thousands of dollars, underscoring its revered status in the numismatic realm.


    In conclusion

    The pursuit of rare quarters offers both excitement and potential profitability.

    From the 1976 Bicentennial Quarter to the 1796 Draped Bust Quarter, these coins symbolize some of the


    most prized and sought-after treasures in numismatics, cherished for their historical resonance, scarcity, and condition.

    Whether you’re an experienced collector or an eager enthusiast, the quest for these elusive quarters promises a captivating journey through history and value.


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